What is Solidaridad?

We are a Civil Society Organization based in the Netherlands with global presence through 9 regional expertise centers. Our vision is to have a world in which everything we produce and everything we consume is sustainable and respects the planet, people, and future generations. We work with all the actors in the value chain and we commit ourselves to innovative solutions to ensure the transition towards sustainability and economic and social inclusion that brings benefits for all.

What is the goal of Solidaridad in the region?


Solidaridad's central office in Guatemala City supports programs in  Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, focused on the sustainability of productive systems such as sugar, palm oil, coffee and cocoa. Solidaridad is also leading the creation and development of multi-stakeholder work platforms such as the Sustainable Landscapes - PaSos initiative.

What is the goal of the PanameriCaña program?
  • To carry out an effective action, through the design and implementation of productive, social and environmental improvement programs along the sugar value chain, from the field to the market according to the need of each mill.

  • To strengthen the capacities of the actors of the sugar sector in Mexico, in alliance with key stakeholders: Bonsucro, donors, experts, civil society organizations, and others, to create the conditions conducive to sustainable management.

What benefits do mills receive from PanameriCaña?

  • Mediation between producers and companies

  • Gap analyses and the creation of action plans for improvements

  • Assessment and measurement tools, such as the BONSUCRO Calculator

  • Development of training programs and exchange of good practices

  • Advice on steps to reach compliance with the BONSUCRO certification standard

  • Establishment of chain of custody and mass balance

  • Documentation of good practices to systematize learning

  • Support to transfer good practices to other mills

  • Creation of a multi-stakeholder platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge to create lasting value throughout the sugar sector in Latin America

How does Solidaridad acquire funds for its PanameriCaña program?
  • Solidaridad allocates funding to project developers who implement sustainable agriculture projects on a large scale and who present an opportunity and approach to integrate small-scale cane producers in the project

  • The project developer integrates the small producers and provides them with training, equipment and technical assistance to implement the project

  • The project will generate various social, economic and environmental benefits for small producers (improvements in production and working conditions, greater knowledge of natural resources and their conservation)

  • The financial profitability of the fund is provided by the sugar mills and associations through the project indicators and the benefits