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Flavio Linares

Gerente de Programa Regional

Flavio Linares serves as Operations and Program Manager for Solidaridad Central America, Mexico, and The Caribbean. He holds a Master’s Degree from Universidad de Chapingo, Mexico in Integrated Pest Management. Has extensive experience in sustainable rural development, sustainable supply chains and compliance with multiple global standards, including RSPO and Bonsucro in both the industrial and field settings. Prior to joining Solidaridad, he served as Associate Peace Corps Director in Guatemala for over twenty years, M & E specialist in Food Security Program for USAID-AGEXPORT, Consultant for IARNA/Landivar University. He has trained, mentored and coached hundreds of professionals in a wide variety of national and international initiatives, including eco-rural tourism,  IPM, climate-smart agriculture, solid waste management, community/school disaster emergency plans, management of non-forest products and effective rural nonformal education/extension systems. Consultant for several organizations on climate change adaptation best practices, development and impact assessments in conservation and food security Programs.  In Solidaridad, Flavio leads regional programs and the development of multi-stakeholder platforms in palm oil, sugarcane, coffee, cocoa, and sustainable landscapes.  He has been nominated to integrate the human rights commission to review some global standards. High experience in internal control tools and M & E systems to implement and accomplish sustainable international standards. Flavio is a recognized facilitator and speaker with broad perspectives on capacity building and talent management. His career reflects a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture, CSR, eco-agriculture, biodiversity conservation, respect for indigenous diversity, transparency and ethical principles in production and marketing processes, social inclusion and knowledge management.

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Carlos García Valdez

Regional Program Manager

A graduate in business administration and psychology, with a master's degree in human resources administration, Carlos is regional program manager for Solidaridad Central America, México and the Caribbean. Responsible for presenting the PanameriCaña program in the sugar mills, and representing Solidaridad in events related to the sugar sector of the region, Carlos has high experience in the administration of human resources processes, labor competencies, and administration of social projects. It is worth highlighting his experience in mergers, and transition of corporate organizational culture, good agricultural and industrial practices, and development projects focused on the human factor; as well as his long-term strategic vision, and his ability to integrate highly competitive and dynamic teams.


Through his 24 years of experience in human resources management at Grupo Pantaleon working on the transfer of organizational culture and good corporate practices, and his 3 years of experience as regional manager of PanameriCaña promoting good practices, and directing projects for small producers, has contributed with more than 22 sugar mills to achieve sustainability goals for the sugar industry in the region.


His extensive knowledge of the industrial and agricultural processes of sugar mills and, quality management systems, as well as the ability to implement strategies for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, make him the ideal person to lead an integral and lasting change through PanameriCaña.

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Ernesto Cavazos Reyes

Program Manager

Ernesto serves as PanAmericaña program manager for Mexico, responsible for disseminating good sustainability practices for sugar mills, as well as for the application of diagnostics and improvement plans with budgets for 17 mills in Mexico.


Ernesto holds a bachelor's degree in computer systems and, a master's degree in administration with a specialty in human resources, a master's degree in finance, and a doctorate in strategic business management. He has extensive experience in information systems, programming and databases, as well as in management systems such as ISO-9001, FSSC-22000, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001. ); high experience in environmental management, environmental legal framework for sugar mills; capacity in Agricultural Management and evaluation of field indicators; experience in the application and use of Balanced Scorecard; expert in sustainability, supply chain and strategic planning.


Ernesto has 10 years of experience in information technologies at Ingenio El Higo in Veracruz, Mexico and spent 10 years in business management overseeing environmental certifications, industrial safety, quality management systems, safety and audit systems to agricultural fields in quality and compliance. Administration of CDM projects of carbon credits with the UNFCCC. Auditor for: BONSUCRO, Quality, Safety, Environment, Health and Safety.

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Carlos Javier Hernández Moreno

Field technician

Carlos Javier is a Field technician for Solidaridad Mexico. Agronomist by profession with more than 8 years of experience in agricultural companies, expert in management of varieties of sugarcane and integrated pest management.


5 years of experience in the management of cane business for the acquisition of farms and in charge of cane cultivation in the region of Pánuco, Veracruz. Experience in budget management and agricultural costing for land expansion projects for the cultivation of sugarcane.


Currently working as an agronomist for the PanAmericaña program for Mexico, he actively collaborates in training workshops and diagnostics on the BONSUCRO sustainability standards and principles of sustainable agriculture.

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José Fernando Juárez Miche

Field technician

Agricultural engineer. Experience as trainer of agricultural instructors. Management of quality and environmental systems.


25 years of experience in general management of an area of ​​agricultural production of sugar cane cultivation (4775.46 hectares); elaboration and fulfillment of the annual budget for the preparation of all plantation management activities (application of maturing agents, renewals, management and control of herbicides, irrigation, fertilization, pests, drains, manual and mechanical pruning, reseeding and various tasks), internal and external audits to comply with ISO 9001 - 2000, ISCC, HACPP, Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001; occupational safety and health in Pantaleón Guatemala.


2 years of experience in general administration of 7,400.00 Mz. of sugar cane cultivation; preparation and fulfillment of the annual and monthly payroll, budget for the preparation of all plantation management activities in Ingenio el Pilar in Guatemala.


He currently holds the position of agronomist for the PanAmericaña program in the Central America region, actively collaborates in training workshops and diagnostics on the BONSUCRO sustainability standards and principles of sustainable agriculture.