2,447 ha of Oil Palm distributed in 6 projects

450 head of cattle

291 hectares of grassland

Cooperativa Salamá


In the beginning, Cooperativa Salamá was dedicated to the production of basic grains, which were strongly affected by Hurricane Mitch, but after the crisis, soil studies were carried out and analyzed to determine the potential of the land concluding that the palm cultivation was a good alternative that could boost the socio economic development of the Cooperative.


Then, they began the acquisition of land (currently  2,447 ha.) Subsequently, Cooperative Salamá seek to generate added value to the fruit they produced and that’s why an oil extraction plant was installed.


Today, Cooperativa Salamá has diversified and has a livestock project, with a cattle herd made up of approximately 450 head of cattle and an area of ​​291 hectares of pasture for feeding them.


As a mission, it establishes itself as a farm cooperative that emerged from the agrarian reform, as a leader and example for other organized farm groups, to strengthen the development and well-being of its partners, the community, and the country in general.



The origin of Cooperativa Salamá goes back to 1969 when a group of 45 people was organized to recover agricultural land. In 1971, 764 hectares of land were awarded, obtaining the property titles in 1990.


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