Plant capacity to process 250,000 tons of fresh fruit per year

All energy needs are covered because the extraction plant produces its own electrical energy and steam through a cogeneration unit based on biomass residues

Aceites y Derivados, S.A. (ACEYDESA)


 ACEITES Y DERIVADOS, S.A. It’s a leading company dedicated to the processing, industrialization, commercialization of products derived from oil palm, and production of clean energy.


Consequently with the responsibility of the integrated management system, it shows its commitment to provide products according to the quality standards that satisfy the needs required by its customers, conservation of the environment, rational use of natural resources, and reduction of environmental impacts generated by the productive process. It promotes continuous improvement by optimizing its operational processes, constant training of human resources, and compliance with applicable legal requirements.


Its mission is to be a leading company dedicated to the cultivation, production, and marketing of products derived from oil palm, offering its customers products of high quality standards, using state-of-the-art technology, contributing to the environment, and benefiting all its collaborators.


Its vision is to be a leading company in the national and international market in the cultivation, production and commercialization of products derived from oil palm, promoting a clean and sustainable development with a high social contribution to our environment.



In 1999 Aceites y Derivados, S.A. (ACEYDESA) began operations with Honduran capital and partners. They have state-of-the-art machinery and sophisticated equipment controlled by local and remote information systems.




Rachis Chopping Plant: Reduces environmental pollution and generates energy for own consumption
Crop Expansion Project: Identifies producers to support them with long-term financing
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Una producción sostenible es capaz de transformar industrias y vidas en todo el mundo. Buscamos brindar soluciones específicas para cada país y contexto, tanto para los pequeños agricultores, como los ingenios y las empresas, al reunir a múltiples actores, desarrollando alianzas mutuamente beneficiosas, y apoyando la implementación de prácticas sostenibles.

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